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AMA Rating Service

Med-Legal provides a fast and complete rating service - you don't have to do any of the calculations yourself.

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Med-Legal Rating Service

Med-Legal provides a complete AMA rating service. They charge a flat rate of $100 per request. All you have to do is send the medical report(s) to be rated and the online form which can be found here

You can send this request via fax, post mail, or order online.

Contact Med-Legal at 800-244-3495 and ask for Customer Service. Or email them at Info@GetRecords.com or Order online here

Online Calculators

The best and FREE online rating tool is from Med-Legal, and can be found here

This website requires a LOGIN code and PASSWORD which you can get from any Med-Legal representative. Call 800-244-3495 if you don't have a login code yet and want to get started. This site will calculate and use the right FEC value for each impairment, combine correctly, and provide you with accurate PD.

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